#3: WFH

By Matt Hunter

#3: WFH

Hey there Quarantiners,

This one will be pretty short as not much has changed since last month. We're still stuck indoors, many people are still extremely stupid, and Michael Jordan is still the best of all time.

With these covers (contrary to America 2020), I want to focus on social satire rather than political. Many of us who are still employed are working from home and it's a strange adjustment. However, I do think it's the way of the future for many businesses. Why spend all that money on the operational expenses when you don't have to? Some will have problems with this, mainly people who have kids. Everyone else should find it pretty sweet though. We never have to wear pants!

Also, you better all be kissing the asses of anyone with a job that's considered essential: nurses, doctors, grocery store workers, postal workers, Pornhub admins, etc. They deserve medals when all this is over.

Until next month,