#2: March Sadness

By Matt Hunter

#2: March Sadness

Time for the monthly issue of mocgfx.com! But what do you care? You've got more important things to worry about like being stuck indoors and suddenly washing your hands the way you were always supposed to!

So...what can I tell you about COVID-19 that every other corporate email hasn't already said? I won't go too far into the weeds as you probably already stopped reading anyway, but in case you're interested, here are my thoughts...

We may all be feeling a bit stir-crazy right about now and I think we all know this quarantine situation isn't going to end anytime soon. However, there's a silver lining here: Think about the time we live in and the technology available to us. We have an infinite number of ways to connect with eachother virtually. We can instantly chat with our friends, play videogames with them, shop for things online (see what I did there?), watch any episode of TV any time we want, stalk Karen's wedding photos (since she didn't invite us), stay informed with one-sided news sources, etc. I'm not saying EVERYONE has these privileges, but the ones who do should be grateful, because this quarantine would suck WAY WORSE if it weren't for those things.

So essentially, if you have your health, a home, and the internet, APPRECIATE that shit in a time like this...or just in general really. 

Oh and there are new products coming to the store this weekend, but since literally everything is about Coronavirus right now, I started with that to get your attention. 

Wash your damn hands!